Tuesday, November 16, 2010

APEX 4.1 Statement of Direction Published

Want to learn more about what we are planning for APEX 4.1?

Then read our new Statement of Direction.
APEX 4.1 is scheduled for release in calendar year 2011.



SydOracle said...

Love the thought of the data upload

Byte64 said...

Great stuff David, i like mobile themes, charting and data load especially.


As a developer of rather large applications i feel sometimes that bulk operations are somewhat neglected or not enough expanded in the current version of Apex.

For instance i am currently working on a 50+ page application and it already happened a couple of times that i had to change certain item attributes massively on customer's request.
Going through the manual update of 200-250 values, even using some nice features of Apex like hiding the unwanted attributes and moving back and forth using the next/previous buttons, means spending hours in a very boring task that could be entirely saved by a smart update. Which is what i did, but of course exposing to the risk of doing something wrong...
Also modifying a page export using a text editor makes me think there is something utterly wrong in the approach: i have the most powerful database in the world and i have to modify its rows with a text editor??!?

This doesn't necessarily mean that a new whole set of apex pages must be created, from my point of view it would be great if certain dictionary view columns could be made updatable via instead-of triggers.

I sent an email to Joel on this topic a few weeks ago, I hope someone else will join the band wagon and support my request :-)


chris said...

"Use of ROWID – Allow usage of ROWID for Automatic DML processing (as an alternative to identifying the PK columns)."

that seems dangerous to me.

Bosco said...

Great to see the continued thrust behind Apex! Mobile themes are very welcome. Thanks!

wimdewet said...

Wim de Wet

Great Product !!

I use for lots of form based data centric application in serious production environment, and it works just great especially since the addition of dynamic actions.

Would love it if you guys allow a bit more page items to be added since users love big forms ! and the 100 always seems to be just tooo little since I add a lot of headings and hidden items in forms ?

Unknown said...

David, can "Charting in Interactive Reporting" be improved in 4.1 release?

(such as more charting options/types for the Interactive Reports - when using the wizards to create the interactive reports. )

thank you
R/ Zaf