Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things you have in common with Larry

Larry and I have something in common -- We both like sailing!
I prefer catamarans to trimarans, but hey all those design experts were proven right - the BMW ORACLE Racing Trimaran [BOR90]is arguably the fastest sailing boat ever built. I did a lot of sailing back in Australia where I owned a small cat. In fact a good mate of mine Kevin Crowley of Pacific DBMS (free plug least I could do ... and they offer APEX Consulting services as well) still has it in his back yard.

Now something else Larry and I have in common - We both like Application Express.
Larry has been a big supporter of Application Express since the beginning.
Sergio Leunissen, former APEX PM and now in the Linux group, developed an APEX application for the BMW ORACLE Racing team when they first started out years ago.
Again with the 33rd America's Cup challenge the team used APEX together with Data Mining to support the team.

Listen to this podcast from Ian "Fresh" Burns, design coordinator for the team on how Oracle technology helped the team to win the America's Cup: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/OracleDatabaseInsider/~5/nussC-gxZFQ/8576609_Ian_Burns_030810.mp3