Friday, July 16, 2010

APEX 4.0 Known Issues

Since releasing APEX 4.0 we have identified a number of issues.
Many are directly related to upgrading applications from previous releases.
The known issues are outlined on OTN here:
As with any upgrade we strongly recommend you test your applications in a development environment before applying to production.

Our development team is working very hard on these issues.
Many issues have workarounds provided.
Where appropriate we are also releasing patch set exceptions which can be downloaded from Oracle Support and installed in your environment.

We intend to roll all of these fixes into an APEX 4.0.1 release.
Before you ask - I can't provide dates for APEX 4.0.1 release!



teedub said...

Why not create a forum thread to which issues and possible bugs can be added for version 4. I have had no feedback from a post I made about what seems to me to be an issue, not even confirmation that it is reproducible.

Unknown said...


Our team does spend significant time on the forums. Please provide the URL for your post.

The issue with creating a single forum thread is then we can't respond to individual issues.

We also welcome issues being mailed to where you can also add attachments.


Pat Miller said...

I already posted on the Apex OTN forum but since it is on future product enhancement I post my comment here as well. My question was related to the fact that even though it is relatively easy to implement application end-user LDAP authentication to an existing directory, such is still not the case with Apex developer/workspace admin users.

I am glad to hear that some plans are being made for other methods of authentication of developers so why not become compatible with Oracle's own OIM and the concept of Enterprise User??

Quoting an Oracle whitepaper entitled: Directory Services Integration with Database Enterprise User Security
"... many enterprises today are still managing database users and privileges in individual databases. From end user perspective, managing passwords in multiple databases is confusing and results in poor user experience. From administration perspective, redundant user management is costly, and managing user authorizations in multiple databases is error prone. From auditing and compliance perspective, on time provision and de-provision of user access and privileges across databases is challenging.
Enterprise User Security (EUS), an Oracle Database Enterprise Edition feature, leverages the Oracle Directory Services, and gives you the ability to centrally manage database users and role memberships in an LDAP directory. Enterprise User Security reduces administration cost, increases security, and improves compliance through centralized database user account management, centralized provisioning and de-provisioning of database users, centralized password management and self-service password reset, and centralized management of authorizations using global database roles. "

Sounds like a great option to consider becoming compatible with!!

Pat Miller

Unknown said...

Hi David,
I was expecting that you blog the availability of the new 4.0.1 release before anyone else ;)
Best regards and thank you for everything you are doing for APEX community.
R/ Zaf