Friday, February 29, 2008

Let the Party Begin!

As you have already probably heard from one of the many mails sent out or from the OTN Forum or one of the many Blogs Oracle Application Express 3.1 has hit the street.

So while many in the community are madly downloading our Latest and Greatest I will be relaxing (I hope) and having a few drinks {Just keep em coming bar keep}.

The APEX Developers, Testers, Documenters, Translation folk, etc. have all worked exceedingly hard and I hope you enjoy the fruits of their toil.

We have also revamped a large majority of out OTN Site with new and updated information.
Our curriculum developers have already produced 3 Oracle By Example (OBEs) specific to 3.1 and are working on several more. I strongly recommend you have a look at these. We have even developed one on Interactive Reports for end-users.

As always we need to also thank-you the community for your invaluable input through the Early Adopters and on the Forum offering your feedback, suggestions, logging issues, etc. APEX is that much better and stronger due to all of your contributions.

I hope to Blog shortly on some of the "advanced" stuff you can do with Interactive Reports.

Have fun playing with 3.1 and please be quite in the morning I may be slightly under the weather!