Friday, December 21, 2007

Would you like to be a Certified Oracle Application Express Professional

Firstly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

Oracle University is conducting a survey (written in Application Express of course) to determine the demand for creating a Certification Program with Oracle Application Express.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey
We need as many people as possible to take the survey to make this a reality. The deadline for getting feedback is mid-January so please don't delay just click on the link, a few minutes now will help the whole Application Express Community!

The information entered will only be used to evaluate the demand for the program.

You can also elect to be emailed when the Oracle Application Express Advanced Course (currently under development) is available.

Be safe over the holiday period!


UPDATE: Thank-you to all of those who took the time to complete the survey. We had a great response but unfortunately Oracle University will not be building the Certification Program YET. They have other certifications they are currently building and will reassess Oracle Application Express hopefully in the near future.

Oracle University are still pushing hard to finish the Advanced Course and for those who checked the notification you will be sent an email as soon as it is available.

David (14-Feb-2008)