Wednesday, October 7, 2009

APEX Demo Grounds - Moscone West

Traditionally the APEX team staffs the Demo Grounds with members of the development team and this year is no different. In recognition of how busy our demo pods are, the Oracle event organizers have given us 3 demo pods in a prime position right at the end so we have some room. So to see our latest development efforts, and get your questions answered directly by those who develop the features come to Moscone West.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Updated Statement of Direction

I have just updated the APEX Statement of Direction and refreshed the APEX 4.0 Presentation.

One of the big new additions is Team Development (as some caught onto with my last blog) including Built-In Feedback. This came out of our work with Teamspace - a stand alone packaged application with some of the same sorts of capabilities. Due to development constraints the Teamspace packaged application has been put on hold for a short while.

Check out the presentation for a few more details on many of the major 4.0 features.