Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Presenting APEX

We have just updated the APEX OTN Home Page with a few new sections: Latest Collateral and Latest Books. Under Latest Collateral you can access a PDF which gives a comprehensive overview of APEX together with a short video which is reportedly the most viewed video on OTN.

The Presentations page has also been revamped with the latest and greatest slides we have developed for presenting on APEX. One of the key additions is the seven new powerpoint decks at the top, broken into categories. They are designed to allow people to build their own presentation using slides from each deck based on their audience, how much time they have and what they want to concentrate on.

One of the other key additions is the APEX Conference Sessions application. This application lists all of the APEX sessions at major Oracle conferences since 2007. Where possible there are also links to the associated presentations or a link to the Conference site.

For upcoming conferences the addition of dates, times, and rooms will allow you to create your own agenda.

What started out as a post from Dimtiri Gielis: Is APEX still worth looking at? and was followed by John Scott: Charting the Rise of Application Express, led me to dust off the application I built to list all the Oracle Openworld Sessions last year {Thanks guys for the inspiration!}. I then added all the presentations available from Oracle conferences or those where the presentations are publicly available. For conferences such as Kaleidoscope I have added links to their site for the given presentation, unless they were given by Oracle. The Hands-On Labs have links to the actual Oracle By Examples that are used. Finally I have updated all the agenda details for Collaborate and Kaleidoscope 2009.

Please drop me a line with any missing / incorrect information.

Hope you find this collateral useful and informative.