Wednesday, January 5, 2011

4.0 New Features Application

Application Express 4.0 introduced many new features. You can run the sample application here or download the application and install into your own workspace here.


Anonymous said...

Although the new themes look slick and are probably more compliant, none of them scale/stretch in what I would consider a proper manner.

For example on my non-widescreen older monitor, I can't see all the tabs on the top. They simply aren't there, but there is no horizontal scrollbar. In the tabular form demo, I can't see all the columns and part of the buttons are cutoff.

Do you just expect everyone has a widescreen huge monitor these days?

Unknown said...


Thanks for pointing this out. I have corrected the Page Templates to add a min-width so that the horizontal scroll bars appear when the screen is not wide enough.


Anonymous said...

Ah much nicer. I noticed this same behavior when I was playing around with 4x- i'll have to update my own templates with a min-width as well.


Unknown said...


I added the following into the Header of each Page Template used just above the closing head tag:

&gt style type="text/css" media="all" &lt
body {
min-width: 1280px;
&gt /style &lt

Anonymous said...

Thanks David!

Stew said...


Thanks for posting this.

Is there any chance this requires Oracle 11g?

I've tried installing it on our 10gR2 database, which is running Application Express

It consistently fails to install the Supporting Objects, with the error message:

ORA-20103: Member sequence 4 does not exist in application collection "APEX_DEPLOYMENT_LOG_501"

I glanced at the preview of the supporting objects, but couldn't find anything that looked helpful. I'm also confused by the Oracle error number, which seems to be related to null values for CLOBs?

I guess I'll just run the hosted application instead. I just wanted to look under the hood a bit.



Unknown said...


Minimum Release is APEX 4.0.2.
I updated the Packaged APps page to reflect this recently - Sorry for not stating it earlier.

This error is caused by the fact the New Features application utilizes Theme 21 which is only available in APEX 4.0.2


Stew said...


Thanks for the speedy response. I manually completed the install via the SQL Workshop, but it still didn't display right. I may try my hand at simply changing the Theme to another.

I believe our DBAs plan to upgrade to 4.0.2 in about a month, so I could wait until then too.

I already noticed a couple features in the hosted demo that I had missed and really like, like Download an IR to email format! That's pretty slick!

Thanks again.

Stew said...

If anyone cares (if you're also on 4.0.1), switching to Theme 4 worked just fine. At least it's good enough!

Stew said...

Sorry for the excessive comments, but I don't see anything in the Tabular Form page that highlights the new features, as was done on the other pages.

It looks like it's showing off adding a validation to a field (Commission must be numeric), Hire Date uses the new date control and Dept No is a radio control (without calling apex_item).

I also noticed that this page doesn't have an icon on the Home page, though it shows on the Tab Bar. Was this page an after-thought?

Okay, I'll leave you alone! Have a good weekend.

Vamshi said...

Hello David,

Firstly Thanks for putting up the sample application and sharing tha valuable information.

We want to use the Save Report functionality which was in 3.2.

But after the migration to APEX 4 cannot use it anymore.I have read your blog about that, that looks like a while ago.
Were there any improvements regarding that issue in APEX 4


Unknown said...


We have improved the save report functionality extensively in APEX 4.
Developers can save "Alternate" reports, and end-users can save "Private" (3.2 functionality) and "Public" (new for 4.0) reports.

Each Public and Alternate report can also be aliased by developers for linking directly to that report layout.

Why can't you use Save Reports anymore?


trupti salvi said...

Hi David,
"When using LOV with one value, this value is submitted when checkbox is checked, otherwise null." is one of the features in version 4.0
I use version 3.2 and I want to achieve the exactly opposite event.
When a particular value in a LOV is selected then checkbox in the same form should automatically get checked. How can I do it?