Thursday, June 21, 2012

Application Express 4.2 Early Adopter 1

Following on from Joel's post this morning ( the first Early Adopter for APEX 4.2 is now available @

A list of Feature Descriptions and Known Issues is also available @

One of the main features we are introducing in APEX 4.2 are the Packaged Applications.

Instead of having to download them from OTN and install them they are now part of the APEX installation.
Simply go to the Application Builder and click on one of the many packaged applications.

There are two main types of applications, Productivity Applications and Sample Applications. 
The productivity applications are locked by default and in their locked state are fully supported. However, these applications can also be unlocked to allow developers to customize the application or simply look at how it was made.
The sample applications are unlocked by default. You can also download the sample applications for installation into an APEX 4.1 environment from OTN:

If you have any Feature Requests then we have made one of the new productivity applications {Community Requests} available for the APEX community to use:

Please provide feedback from within the EA Application Builder.