Saturday, February 21, 2009

Additional resources for APEX 3.2

For those of you wishing to try out APEX 3.2 and not quite sure where to start we have just released a new Oracle By Example (OBE): Converting Your Oracle Forms Application to Oracle Application Express. This OBE was created by Marcie Young from curriculum development and includes the necessary XML files and tables to be able to perform a Forms conversion on our hosted site. We hope to have another new OBE on Security available very shortly as well.

Also the APEX 3.2 Documentation has just been released on OTN. Terri Jennings and Drue Baker from our documentation team have expanded the documentation to include more on what the new features are about on top of the usual detail on how to use all the features.

For Forms Conversion check out the following Migration Guide chapters - Chapter 2 - Overview of the Migration Process and Appendix A - Oracle Forms Generation Capabilities and Workarounds.

In respect of all the security enhancements we have completely revamped the Application Builder User's Guide - Chapter 13 Managing Application Security to make it easier for developers and administrators to learn how to harden the security of their applications and the development environment.

Marc Sewtz has even created a new graphic which outlines the APEX Forms Conversion Project:

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felisberto said...

installing Apex 3.2 or upgrading is too hard because there is no .exe in it.would please make a tutorial OBE about it.