Wednesday, February 11, 2009

APEX 3.2 now available on

For all those people who have been itching to try out Forms Conversion for yourself now is your chance.

Joel Kallman has updated the free hosted "development" environment on to APEX 3.2.

A special thank-you to all those that participated in the "limited" Early Adopter program. Regrettably we couldn't conduct our usual open EA program. I had literally hundreds of requests, as recently as in the last few days, which we couldn't accommodate. To all those people who have been waiting please try out the hosted site and let us know of any issues via the OTN Forum.

The 3.2 New Features page gives an overview of the new functionality available.

Getting Started

You will need to have at least one installation of Oracle Forms 9i or 10g. These two versions include the Forms2XML utility required to create XML files from Forms source files (fmb's, mmb's, etc.).

We have done very limited testing with Forms 4.5 and 6i fmb files and successfully run them through the Forms2XML utility without needing to upgrade the Forms to 9i or 10g prior to the conversion. However, we can not guarantee that the utility will always work for these older Forms modules. If it fails you will need to upgrade your Forms 4.5 and/or 6i source to Forms 9i or 10g and then run them through the utility.

Once you have created the XML files you will need to go to Application Migration from the APEX Builder Home page and create a project. You will also need to build the referenced tables and views within your workspace. After loading up the XML files you can start conversion and the manual post-generation enhancements required.


mbatec said...

Congrats David, great work!


Francisco Munoz Alvarez

Scott said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm excited for the new possibilities with APEX, and I tried this feature right away. I've shared my experience here, if you are interested:

Sreekanth Babu V said...

Congratulations David.
If other features also supported as scott said, it would be even better.
Thank you for sharing this information...

Sreekanth Babu V