Thursday, September 24, 2009

Winners of APEX Developer Competition 2009

It is with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the APEX Developer Competition 2009.

First Place: Eric Brandenburg (USA) IT Access

Second Place: Oscar Gordillo (Colombia) Bintech CRM

Third Place: Matt Nolan (UK) APEX Plugin Registry

Fourth through Twelfth Place are shown in Alphabetical order:

Kehinde Adeyemi (Nigeria) Drivers License and Vehicle Registration Application

Tobias Arnhold (Germany) APEX-AT-WORK

Martin Giffy D'Souza (Canada) APEX Rules & Guidelines

Niels De Brujin (Germany) Time Management System v1.2

Dorensys {Company} (India) Leave Management System

Kartik Patel (India) Documentation & Content Management System (DCMS)

Mohammed Tajuddin (Australia) ABC School Management System

Andrew Woodward (UK) Portal for a suite of Apex applications

Wei Zheng (USA) Tiny-ERP

A full description of each of the applications is also provided here.

A special thank-you to all the judges
* Matt Chivers - Oracle
* Dimitri Gielis - APEX Evangelists
* Thomas Marshall - Auburn University
* Anton Nielsen - C2 Consulting
* John Scott - APEX Evangelists
* Scott Spendolini- Sumner Technologies


ben said...

good job ! where can we download and learn from those winners ?

Martin Giffy D'Souza said...

Hi Ben,

I've posted my application here:

I put it together really quickly so it needs some updates but it demonstrates some interesting things you can do with APEX.


Tobias Arnhold said...

Hi David,

will there be any jury comment to each project? Will we ever be able to access all applications? If not then I will upgrade my demo application really soon. :D

Best regards,


Stew said...


Thanks for posting this and all the work that went into this competition.

Like others, I'm really curious about what my peers (and betters!) are doing. I'd at least like to see summary descriptions of what the winners submitted for applications.



ben said...

Thanks Martin,

I can see it now. Again congratulations.


john said...

Great job! Thank you for this template easy to download