Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Upcoming Conferences: Oracle Openworld Japan & Collaborate

I will be attending Oracle Openworld in Tokyo, April 22 - 24.
I have a number of presentations and hands-on-labs, plus will be Mark Townsend's official "demo bunny" for the Database keynote. Given that Mark is a Kiwi (friendly term for someone from New Zealand) and I'm an Aussie, the first time we did this in Moscow, our esteemed colleagues (other US based PMs) in the audience even had trouble following us as we slipped into colloquialisms (try saying that 3 times really quickly) - I did feel for the poor old translators after that one. We repeated the same keynote in Prague without as many local terms and it went very well, so hopefully the translators have an easier time in Japan.

Collaborate 2009 in Orlando Florida is up next, May 3 - 7. There are 16 APEX Sessions from many speakers. John Scott will even be signing his book after his session. To see all the Collaborate sessions, complete with dates and times, click here.

Hope to see you at the conferences,

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