Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get the 'Latest' from APEX OTN Site

We have been freshening up our APEX OTN Home Page with lots of new content. These include 'Latest Highlights', 'Latest Collateral', and 'Latest Books'.

Today for example we put out a new white paper 'Integrating APEX with BI Publisher' thanks to Jason Straub. Read his posting here for more details.

Another new addition today, under 'Latest Highlights' is the new Oracle Store developed in Application Express. Our development team in conjunction with other teams have been rebuilding the old Oracle Store in APEX. This is the first release featuring Enterprise Linux and Virtualization (VM). This multi-lingual / multi-currency application is another nice example of an Internet facing Oracle APEX application.

Latest Collateral & Highlights also include a podcast with Mike Riley, President of ODTUG, and an interesting article from Profit Magazine on a very successful modernization project in Florida.

The Community & Partners pages continue to swell across all categories including some interesting new Internet Applications many of which look nothing at all like regular APEX screens - Check all the community pages out for yourself here.

So I strongly recommend you check in on the APEX OTN Pages regularly to keep tabs on all the latest offerings.



Oracle Developer said...

Even having such nice new features which are most competitive and advanced one in 3.2 version and overall APEX 3.0 onwards, I am not able to find much takers for this tool as Enterprise Class Suite or on lines of Java J2EE JSP framework or Dot Net Frame work. New post and changes on OTN homepage are cool one and single source of all relevant information.

David Peake said...

One of the best ways to get APEX accepted in a predominantly Java or .Net organization is to solve a business requirement that would add a lot of value to the development team. You can start by looking at our Packaged Applications and customize as necessary, or even build your own application.

You probably won't convince them to stop using their current tool but you may get them to start using APEX to solve those departmental / targetted applications. Don't try and convince them APEX is the best tool for everything. Start off small and let the power of APEX and its RAD capabilities win over converts.


Brian said...

The Oracle Store site looks good. It's a very clean design that reads well.

How was the very impressive Oracle Websites region in the upper right hand corner built?

Are interactive regions like the Oracle Websites regions going to be part of Apex 4.0?


Sujay Dutta, PMP said...


That reminds me to send you something new I created recently for the community page. It's an iPhone webapp for Philadelphia Cricket League. Check out: