Friday, October 12, 2007

New OTN Feature Casts

I know there have already been several blogs on Scott Spendolini's podcast with Oracle Magazine.

We have gone and added a link on our Podcasts and Viewlets page to his podcast together with one from Tony Jedlinski. These and other excellent podcasts can be found by clicking on the Podcasts link on the left hand column of all OTN pages and then selecting Oracle Magazine Feature Casts.

The official blurb on each of these podcasts:
Oracle Application Express 3.0: A Closer Look (Sep 18, 2007) Scott Spendolini, CEO, Sumner Technologies, speaks with Oracle Magazine senior editor, Jeff Erickson, about the benefits of Oracle Application Express 3.0 and how it works with the Oracle database. Learn how to get started customizing this powerful tool to meet your business needs.

Catching the Express (Jun 25, 2007) Tony Jedlinski, Oracle Magazine author and editorial board member and the Director of Web Content for the IOUG, talks with Oracle Magazine about his use of Oracle Application Express at the IOUG today and the upcoming Oracle Application Express-based OPEN project.

Given the vast experience both Scott and Tony have with Oracle APEX, I certainly enjoyed listening to them and getting their perspectives.

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