Thursday, October 11, 2007

Growing Community now Showcases Applications

Please check out our new and improved Community and Partners page.

We have changed the look of the page completely as it was getting too big. Having too many companies to list on one page is a problem we love to have.

Now there are Links to our Americas and European Consulting Companies, Hosting Companies and Blogs. We have also added two brand new links for Internet Applications and Commercial Applications.

Internet applications really help to show how diverse and creative sites made with Oracle Application Express can be.

The Commercial applications illustrate companies who see the benefit of building in a flexible secure tool. These applications meet very diverse business requirements and are well worth checking out.

Special thanks to Jorge Rimblas, Flavio Casetta, Jan Huyzentruyt, and Dimitri Gielis for sending me their Internet applications, together with Hotsos - Doug Gault and Mythics - Nick Intintolo for their Commercial applications.

We are regularly adding new companies and sites, so please come back regularly.

If you want to be added to our site please send an email to or me.


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