Monday, October 7, 2013

APEX 5.0 - Page Designer

Ever since we started showing off the new Page Designer scheduled for release with Application Express 5.0 almost everyone has been hounding me for screen shots. Generally I never make future functionality public as it changes often and sometimes in very dramatic ways between feature conception, initial implementation, and final deliverable. However, given how much of a "game-changer" this feature will be for all current APEX Developers I have released a slide deck on OTN: Application Express 5.0 - Page Designer.

Please review Oracle's Safe Harbor within the slide deck.


Byte64 said...

Hi David,
does the new page designer mean that an application developed with an earlier version of Apex will be converted in a new "format" or does the usual declarative page editor remain at the core of the page development process and the page designer will be an optional feature that you invoke in case of need (pretty much like the rearrange item feature) ?

Thank you

thatJeffSmith said...

Yeah, so this came to mind...


Unknown said...


This is simply a new way to define and maintain your pages, instead of using the existing Component or Tree views. The Page Designer is a more productive and intuitive IDE that should be far easier for new and experienced developers to use for building APEX pages.
The Page Designer will work for all pages from earlier versions of APEX.

Stew said...


Thanks for sharing this. It looks pretty exciting. A couple things struck me, looking at the DRAFT screen layout:

1) The layout reminds me of the superb photo editing software, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, with the pull-out panels and settings. I could definitely get behind that, and marvel that you can deliver that via a web page.

2) I have dual monitors that are rotated to portrait mode so I can see more code. Given that the current developement environment doesn't really fit on that layout with my resolution, I'm going to have more trouble with this new page designer's pop-out panels. My problem to solve, not the Apex team's!