Saturday, October 13, 2012

Application Express 4.2 Goes Production

New release and new look for our page

Also our APEX OTN Page(s) at

Of course the most active page will be the updated Downloads page on OTN where you can download Release 4.2. But don't forget to look at all of the other great content we've been working on.
There is still some work to do such as updating the latest Presentations so don't be a stranger!

Enjoy building Mobile Applications declarativiely and playing with all the other great features we have introduced or enhanced.


Morten Braten said...

The new page looks great and the links provided make it easy to find relevant information.

Just wanted to point out that there is a small typo on the first of the rotating banner pages; it says "declaritively" instead of "declaratively".

Unknown said...

is aria one of the packaged applications?