Friday, May 6, 2011

APEX 4.1 Early Adopter Released

As Joel announced here the APEX 4.1 Early Adopter is now available on

This release is not nearly as huge as APEX 4.0, however, our hyperactive development team have been cranking out lots of new features for you to enjoy.

To find out what you can try out for yourself go to the Feature Description application. There are a number of other features that we are still working on, the most notable being Mobile Templates and Data Upload. Never fear, these will be coming to an APEX Early Adopter near you soon -- Read when we do the next major build of our EA.

Make sure you check out our new and improved Websheets interface. This feature is not 100% complete but we couldn't wait to show off the new look and feel!

Enjoy our latest offereings and be sure to provide feedback.

1 comment:

Morten Braten said...

I jumped right in and started playing with the new WebSheets, and I really, really like the new look -- very slick!

That said, you should seriously consider supporting WebSheets in a runtime environment -- see my blog at

Also looking forward to (finally!) getting improved error handling in Apex.

Keep up the good work!

- Morten