Monday, May 10, 2010

APEX 4.0 Early Adopter III (EA3) now live!

As we speed down our development path towards production release (in Calendar Year 2010) we have reached yet another milestone - Roll-out of Early Adopter III.
Simply go to

This is our last planned version of the Early Adopter and includes many new features, numerous bug fixes, and a more refined user interface.

As with when we rolled out EA2, everyone will need to request a new workspace.
The old EA2 ( will be available for a few weeks to allow people to recover what they need from the old environment. You may experience issues with exporting from EA2 and importing into EA3. We have found some issues with applications including charts. This is primarily due to changes in the chart export parameters and will not impact applications exported from earlier releases (APEX 3.2 etc).

Enjoy our latest offering and please keep the feedback coming.
We do read them and try to respond when we can.



Steve said...

Thanks for your continued GREAT support! I did have some data in the EA2 workspace that would have cost me quite a bit of time to re-create as I build the next version of the app in EA3. I love APEX and the support the community provides.

Gary Myers said...

Does that mean the next release with be the Production release, or will there be a 'installable' pre-production/beta (even, perhaps, this EA).

Just thinking if there are any issues which may show up on particular db versions/patchsets.

Chola said...

Thanks for the info.It will definitely revolutionize application development.What I lack still the most in Oracle Apex is the SEF urls.

I know that we can do something with rewrite but something standard and stable from product development would be great.

Sudhakar Mani

Balaji said...

I am getting the following error on Apex 4.0 EA3 signup page (

ORA-0000: normal, successful completion
Error Unable to fetch authentication_scheme in application 101.

marcao said...

What are the New Features there please. Thanks and Congratulations for your great Job.

Marcus Minervino, Brazil

Anonymous said...

Cast not the first stone.