Thursday, February 11, 2010

WANTED -- Oracle APEX Customer References

I need customer references for Oracle APEX. You must be allowed (have legal approval) to provide me with information on your APEX application(s) and a company image. I'm also interested in hearing from Consulting Companies providing their clients are prepared to share information with Oracle. {References from anywhere not just the US graciously accepted}

Very highly regarded (and loved by Marketing) if APEX is running on Oracle Database 11g. HUGE bonus points if you are also using other Database options (RAC, BI Publisher, etc).

I use references for the following:
  • Quotes on APEX OTN Home Page

  • Podcasts

  • Customer referral - Potential customers wishing to speak to others

  • Presentations

  • Publications (articles, white papers, etc.)

  • Other marketing such as convincing Sales that APEX can make them $$$

I always check with references before using them and where possible provide drafts before publication, so you can always elect not to be included in any of the above.

So if you want to tell the world of your wonderful achievements using Oracle APEX and get your name in lights send me an email (


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