Friday, October 2, 2009

Updated Statement of Direction

I have just updated the APEX Statement of Direction and refreshed the APEX 4.0 Presentation.

One of the big new additions is Team Development (as some caught onto with my last blog) including Built-In Feedback. This came out of our work with Teamspace - a stand alone packaged application with some of the same sorts of capabilities. Due to development constraints the Teamspace packaged application has been put on hold for a short while.

Check out the presentation for a few more details on many of the major 4.0 features.


Eddie said...

Sounds great. Can't wait!

orlat84 said...
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Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi David,

If you look at the SOD the Last Updated still states: February 25, 2009


Morten Braten said...

Definitely looking forward to Apex 4 and all the great improvements!

The Team Development feature looks very interesting. Will you please consider adding a simple PL/SQL API for it so that tasks, bugs, etc. can be read and written, to allow integration with existing bug trackers and project management tools?

Gerben said...

Hi David,

SoD is looking great.
One question, do you know why AnyChart 5.1.2 is packaged with 4.0 while in 3.2.1 AnyChart 5.1.3 is being packaged?

Gerben de Vries

Vikas said... is a dead link, can you please put up the ppt? Thanks!

Rob said...

This looks great. I've been using Unfuddle for some php development and these tools are priceless for team development.

Is there any plan to incorporate some sort of version control?

Stew Ashton said...

As of 4 October, the ppt file is unavailable but you can get a pdf equivalent here :

David Peake said...

Apologies - The load of the ppt failed for some reason. It should work now!

Carlos said...


I can't wait for the improvement in the Interactive Report, and my users neither

When Apex 4.0 would be able to download?

Carlos Rabadan

GRK said...

I just cant wait...

Marion said...

The powerpoint won't load today

Zafer said...

Hi David,
downloaded the updated presentation and read the SoD today. Thank you for both :)

I have a quick question. Given that APEX 4.0 will be available before XE 11gR2, will it be compatible with XE 10gR2 ? Can the APEX on XE 10gR2 be updated to version 4.0 ? I am currently using APEX 3.2.1 on XE and 11gR2.

Best regards
Zafer, Monterey CA.

bb said...

David, do you mind linking to a more accessible PDF version?