Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 Presentations

All the presentations given by the APEX Development team are now available for download from the APEX Conference Session Application. Once the other presentations are loaded I will update those as well.

Joel Kallman's keynote is also available from our OTN Presentations page together with the APEX 4.0 Overview presentation (in Powerpoint format)

I don't generally load my presentations as they are just combinations of the decks given on the OTN Presentations page.


Byte64 said...

Hi David,
I noticed that for non-Oracle presenters (after turning off the company filter of course), there are no download links.
Is there any chance to provide someone with the missing download links to be loaded in this application?


David Peake said...


Once they are up on the Kaleidoscope site I will be adding those links as I have done for previous years.


Stew said...


Thanks for publishing these. I greatly enjoyed the Apex 4.0 presentation.

One thing that intrigued me was the "Teamspace" packaged application you plan to include. Might there be any way of seeing screenshots of details from this? We're on the cusp of implementing Microsoft Office SharePoint Services, which provides this sort of functionality. But we all know that Apex's Interactive Reports provide much better functionality than the filtering capability in SharePoint, among other things. So even though Apex 4 won't be out for a bit, I'd curious about what's implemented in "Teamspace" at this point.

Thanks for everything you'all do.

- Stew