Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Coming Events ... or playing "Which city is this?"

Well September & October are certainly going to be busy months.

September 20 -26: San Francisco
Oracle Openworld 2008 - There are close to 40 APEX Sessions this year. If you look at my APEX Schedule you will see some of the sessions are already full {Thank-you Anton for helping me update the remaining seats}. Unfortunately it is impossible to attend all of them as there are several overlaps but I hope to get to a large number of them.

A couple of sessions I think should be on everyone's list (and not just because I'm involved with them) are S298610 - Soup-to-Nuts RAD Development Using Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle Application Express {Wednesday 9:00 - 10:00} and S300458 - Building Commercial Software-as-a-Service Applications with Oracle Application Express {Wednesday 17:00 - 18:00}.

I will then be flying directly from San Francisco to Australia. In total I will be spending almost 4 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. While there I have customer visits scheduled for Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, Auckland, and Rotorua. I will also be presenting at several conferences:
October 6 -7: Perth
AUSOUG - I have three sessions scheduled on APEX and SQL Developer.
October 8: Perth
Migrating from Access to APEX Workshop - This is an all day event that I am conducting with Blair Layton.
October 13 -14: Gold Coast
AUSOUG - I have two sessions scheduled on APEX and SQL Developer.
October 15: Gold Coast
Migrating from Access to APEX Workshop - This is the same all day event that I am conducting with Blair Layton, just on the Gold Coast this time.
October 21: Rotorua
NZOUG - I have one session on APEX and SQL Developer futures.

If you are in Australia or New Zealand and would like me to visit your organization drop me a note and I will see if I can squeeze you in. In some of the cities there are multi-customer sessions being held in the Oracle Offices where everyone is welcome.

Well after an exhausting schedule flying all over Australia and New Zealnd you would think I would come home and relax for a while. Unfortunately, I eventually get home on Thursday, 23rd October (after about 20 hours flying) only to jump on a plane again that Sunday. Thankfully this is just a short hop to Los Angeles for a Microsoft conference.
October 27 - 30: Los Angeles
PDC - I will be manning a demo booth and dragging as many Microsoft faithful into my lair to estoll the virtues of Oracle technology. I predominantly demo SQL Developer with as much APEX as I can.

Even though PDC goes to Thursday I won't be staying to the end of the conference as I need to fly to Chicago for APEXposed 2008. APEXposed 2008 is aimed squarely at APEX developers with lots of excellent and unique sessions. Many of the sessions will be different from those given at Oracle Openworld - I know mine are (which reminds me that I need to create those presentations).
October 29 -30: Chicago
APEXposed 2008 - I have a couple of new and interesting sessions to present.

So if you are in the vicinity of any of these events stop by if you can.

I enjoy traveling a lot, but my whirlwind trip of Australasia with multiple timezones, and many day trips to different cities, will certainly make it tricky to keep track of what city I am in - just hope I don't jump on the wrong plane.
I felt for the poor travel agent, Ling, who booked all my travel - probably wished she had called in sick that day!


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Paulo Vale said...

I got tired just by reading that! That's a lot of flying hours in such short time.