Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do you use Application Express with eBusiness Suite?

I am conducting a short survey to determine how you integrate Oracle Application Express with eBusiness Suite. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey here.
{We will not share information with anyone except with your explicit permission}

We believe that there are a large number of eBusiness Suite customers that are using Application Express in various ways so we are trying to quantify that and get some further information.

This is all part of a broader effort we are currently undertaking working closely with various people from the eBusiness Suite Development Team.

This survey is very important to us so please take the time to complete the survey if you use Application Express with eBusiness Suite - It is only 1 page long.


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Rio Copa Toastmasters said...

We currently use Apex with 11.5.10. We're planning our migration to R12 and this is a big problem for us. With Apex we've been able to give our users the data they need in the form they need it. We tried a stand alone instance (11g+apex) using database links and it didn't work so well. Not sure what we'll do now; we may not upgrade to R12 at all now.