Thursday, May 8, 2008

Calling all those in Quebec and Montreal

I will be traveling to Canada next week for the Quebec APEX User Group Official Launch. It is my first time in Quebec and am really looking forward to meeting up with the APEX community in the area.

The launch starts off in Quebec on Wednesday May 14 and then Montreal Thursday May 15.

This event has been organized by Francis Mignault from Insum and the local Oracle team.

So if you are in the area please join us and support the local APEX community.

This is certainly not my first time to Canada - I used to live in Michigan (very close to Detroit) and went into Windsor, Ontario almost every week in the summer to play golf. My sister also lived in Toronto for a while so I know the boring 401 and slightly less boring 403 highways very well.

Given where I lived, I am a huge fan of the Detroit Red Wings, arguably the best team in the NHL {Happy to argue with you over this} so will be eagerly watching them destroy the Dallas Stars while I am there :) .


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Sandru Ciprian said...

My name is Ciprian Sandru and I'm very interested about APEX. I will be at the presentation in Quebec city.

Have a nice trip !