Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Statistics on

Every week the APEX development team collects statistics on our FREE hosted environment

For the Week ending 11/18/2007:
1,647,648 total page views for the week
2,076 distinct applications accessed during the week
2,773 distinct users logged in throughout the week
243 new workspaces approved in the past week

Total Workspaces: 11,290

As you can see from the numbers given, this is a very active APEX site.

You may or may not be aware that when you are within the APEX Development environment then you are actually running APEX applications.
Our development team uses APEX Development and PL/SQL packages, etc. to build the components you use to build your applications.

Keep sending in those details on your large applications!

The database server is a Dell PowerEdge 1950, 2 dual-core CPUs @ 2.33 GHz. The machine has 16GB RAM with NAS for storage. I have no details on the Web server machine(s), as these servers are shared by other instances, and not only for



Anonymous said...

Hi David,

I think it would also be useful to get some stats on the server and infrastructure itself that the public Oracle server is using, just to back up how scalable APEX is.

For example, people could see as a comparison that with 'x Processors and y Gb of memory, they could host a site that could handle roughly Z users".

Just a thought,


Anonymous said...

I agree with John's comment. I'm trying to convince our department APEX is a good thing and can revolutionize our development environment and processes. I work for a large IT shop for the Canadian Federal Public Service, and all of our applications use Oracle database.
I just started working with APEX in an R&D environment... it's an awesome product. Being a PL/SQL developer for about 8 years now, I see things I did manually, already laid out and ready to go in APEX. Truly a RAD tool for PL/SQL web development. I would love to know more about recommended architectures for large scale implementations (ie load balancing, Oracle RAC, database optimizations like partitioning etc..)
I see APEX being used for almost everything in our organization, down to running our intranet site (approx. 28,000 users)

Looking forward to release 3.1!

Unknown said...

I have updated the post with Hardware specifications.

As for recommended architectures for large scale implementations there are several factors that need to be considered. Mike Hichwa wrote an Oracle Magazine article Sizing Up Performance which you can review.

I know several customers have installed APEX on RAC and most large installations utilize load balancers. The faster you can retrieve the data from the database the better, so partitioning, SQL tuning, etc. are always important.


Anonymous said...

Awesome... thanks for the information. I will read up on it.

If ever we succeed in a large scale implementation of APEX, I'll ensure we share our story with you!