Friday, February 28, 2014

New APEX Certification Exam BETA Now Running

How does a prospective employer  or customer know that you are any good at developing with Oracle Application Express?
One of the best credentials, to prove you have APEX chops, is to obtain Oracle Application Express Certification!

The APEX Certification Exam has undergone a large upgrade.
Much of the content being rewritten / improved as part of this effort.
The new exam is currently running a BETA program until 10-May-2014.
Testing centers are available worldwide.

Help us by taking the BETA Exam and help yourself by saving significant cost over sitting for the exam once published.
The "published" exam will be the exact same questions you take in the BETA exam.
If the question ranks poorly during the beta it may be rewritten or removed.

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AZOR said...


I would like have a certification from APEX (I already have OCP from Oracle). There is a article about ??beta?? certification for 4.2. It is pretty wierd. I already saw APEX 5.0 (ea 1). So, do you have some info about it? I would like not waste money on certication on 4.2 (still beta?) when 5.0 is almost ready for release. Something is wrong. Im expecting that where will be soon beta for 5.0++. So, any suggestions? Thank you a lot